Susan Boyle Announces Plans to Dominate Talent-Competition Industry


Assumably bored with the ease in which she’s managed to roll through the music industry — moving millions and millions of records seemingly without any effort at all while other, lesser artists grovel and beg to get people to stop stealing their songs — recording titan Susan Boyle has now turned her attention to the field from which she arose: the reality talent competition. Boyle has just launched “Susan’s Search,” an open call for a worthy duet partner on her upcoming album, via her official website (also available on Susan Boyle's official website: this cat T-shirt). All you have to do is record yourself singing “Silent Night,” post it on her YouTube page, and, boom, you too can be rich and famous despite years and years of peaceful anonymity. Says Boyle: "When I did Britain's Got Talent, I was given a chance by Simon Cowell to show what I could do. 'Susan's Search' is about giving other people an opportunity. It's about letting them live the dream that they have always wanted to do." Since this is Susan Boyle we’re talking about, "Susan’s Search" will surely soon eclipse America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and Simon Cowell’s now-doomed-to-fail American version of The X Factor as the nations’ preeminent talent-competition despite just being some random YouTube thing. Also, this is great news for Plies. [Billboard]