The Debt Trailer: Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington Go Nazi Hunting


In 1965, three Mossad agents — one played by Sam Worthington in a rare risky, non-franchise appearance, and another by Jessica Chastain, the female lead in Terrence Malick's as yet unreleased Brad Pitt–Sean Penn movie Tree of Life — are sent to Europe to capture the "surgeon of Birkenau," a man who committed horrible atrocities during the Holocaust. Something goes wrong — though not before Chastain uses her knees in a manner that should alarm gynecologists everywhere — but, shockingly for a trailer, what exactly is left vague. You may actually have to go to a theater to see how this one plays out! (Though it's a bit less vague in the movie's official synopsis.) Whatever happened, decades later the grown-up versions of these same agents — played by Ciaran Hinds, Helen Mirren, and Tom Wilkinson — are dealing with the fallout, because, as always, "The secret is only the beginning."