The Hills Cast: Where They Started, Where They Are, and Where They’ll Be When They’re 50


It's been four years, six seasons, and countless hours of thinking, writing, and feeling bad about ourselves for thinking and writing about The Hills, MTV's semi-reality show about the lives of a bunch of bobble-headed twentysomethings in LA. And so to commemorate its series finale, which airs tonight at 10 p.m., we've taken a hard look at each character (including departed cast members Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, but excluding minor characters, like Stacie the Bartender; people we'd like to forget, like Jason Wahler; and tragic tagalongs, like Holly Montag). How have they grown since starting the The Hills? (Really grown, not just augmented.) And where will they be when they're 50? Did our predictions come true? Click through to find out. UPDATE: Well, it's over. Read our recap of the finale here.