The Rachel Zoe Project Season Three: Can This Woman Have a Child?


A new trailer for The Rachel Zoe Project's third season reveals that the titular stylist won't hold back from hating on her former assistant, the charmingly angsty Taylor Jacobson, and — gasp — Zoe's considering making baby Zoes. While Jacobson doesn't appear in this preview, assistant Brad gossips, "I heard Taylor is styling a Golden Globe nominee," (rivalry!) causing Zoe to purse her lips and remark, "The last thing I want to hear is good news about Taylor." Meanwhile, Zoe's surprisingly normal-seeming husband is pressuring her to expand their family. "What are you going to do, tie me to a bed?" she asks. Plus, all of those heels-in-snow montages, more scenes of this woman absolutely freaking out about her job, and Brad fearing the absolute worst: that fashion could make him fat! [PopWrap/NYP]