The Five Best Things Diddy Said at His Noisemakers Interview Last Night


Considering the subject, last night's Noisemakers — an interview series hosted by Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg in the intimate confines of the 92Y Tribeca — wasn't as ridiculous as could be expected: Rosenberg is a huge hip-hop nerd, so a lot of the questions were limited to Diddy's early to mid-nineties pre-mogul days, and the two spent a surprising amount of time actually talking about music. Still, it was Diddy — ridiculousness is a must. And to that end, Vulture presents: The five best things Diddy said last night, offered without context.

• "Look at us: We out here on the boat; we got helicopters chasing us ... "

• "It kind of scared me. That's what's going on out here? We robbing pregnant ladies?"

• "Doormen back then had to wear these crazy hats ... it felt like two weeks after slavery or something."

• "We made dark skin more in. Bobby Brown helped us out, but Biggie was blue, blue black. I said, 'I don't care if he purple.' I knew he was gonna be a superstar, and I knew he was gonna be a sex symbol."

• "I started doing some meditating today. Literally, today."