This Just In: Creed Is Still Working on Their Comeback


Did you assume that Creed's 2009 comeback tour — during which the band was repeatedly forced to sell tickets for $5 at the last minute in order to convince people to pay money to see Creed — was the last word in Creed's comeback attempt? You assumed wrong! According to guitarist Mark Tremonti, the Christian rockers are currently working on new material which — unlike last year's Full Circle ("an artistic statement showing we've grown as musicians and writers") — will pander appeal to people who, at one point in their lives, paid money to see Creed: "It brings it back to the old vibe we used to send out in our songs ... just that kind of a feel-good, big rock song, that anthemic, 'My Sacrifice' and 'Higher' kind of vibe." But considering lackluster ticket sales, is there a market for new Creed material? Of course, says front man Scott Stapp, who — in the best bit of revisionist history we've heard all morning — explains the comeback tour didn't fail, it "showed us that there's a lot of people who want to come that just can't afford it. We thought we had a ticket price that was affordable, but there were a lot of factors there. So this is about that relationship and staying in touch with our roots and blue collar America, which is where we're all from. It's natural as a band to be connected to the economic situation of our country and wanting to continue that connection with the fans." So, to recap: The Creed comeback is going great.

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