Time Warner on Demand Has a Very Narrow Definition for ‘Black Cinema’


Time Warner Cable subscribers looking to bask in their AC and catch an On Demand flick may find themselves a bit perplexed when scrolling through the (fun!) categories the provider has divided its movies into. There's "All-American Movies" and "Biopics"; your standard "Romance," "Drama," and "Comedy" subcategories; and more creative groupings like "BFF Movies" and "Weddings Gone Wild." But if you're interested in "Black Cinema," you'll find Time Warner has one stipulation for the movies in this category. All nine of the films listed under "Black Cinema" ... star Denzel Washington. All of 'em! Everything from The Pelican Brief to American Gangster. There's no arguing he's a very talented actor, but still: They couldn't at the very least add in just one Will Smith blockbuster?