True Blood Werewolf Starstruck by Sookie Stackhouse


Joe Manganiello, the latest addition to the brooding cast of True Blood, was a fan of the show before he was cast on it. "The first table read was like being sucked into the television. I’d imagine it like being a kid who loves Michael Jordan and getting drafted into the NBA where you have to guard him," he tells the Post. "I remember filming the scene and literally thinking, 'Oh my god, that’s Sookie Stackhouse!'" (We would probably possess a similar inability to separate Anna Paquin from her endearing character.) Anyway, what will happen between Alcide and Sookie this season? "I think if you stick people in this situation — this big, strong, protective bodyguard with a girl, both heartbroken, sparks will happen. There’s a bit of lost puppy going on there." But don't expect all your questions to be answered anytime soon: Manganiello reports that this season's cliffhanger is "waaaay worse" than last season's, meaning even more of a cliffhanger. Sucking us into season four already, so to speak. [PopWrap/NYP]