Nonessential Information About Stieg Larsson’s Fourth Book Revealed!


Before he died, with the fourth installment of the Millennium series only partially written, Stieg Larsson sent an e-mail to a friend about the book. That makes the friend, John-Henri Holmberg, one of just two people — the other being Larsson’s partner, Eva Gabrielsson — who know anything about what’s in the unfinished manuscript, and the only one of those two people willing to talk about it. Unfortunately, what Holmberg knows about the book is … not that much! He says the book will be 440 pages and, quoting from Larsson's e-mail to him, take place “120 kilometers north of Sachs Harbour [Canada], at Banks Island in the month of September.” Larsson — who apparently did not sate his interest in setting murders on small islands where there are a limited number of possible suspects with the first book — wrote, “Did you know that 134 people live in Sachs Harbour, whose only contact with the world is a postal plane twice a week when the weather permits? But there are 48,000 musk-ox and 80 different types of wild flowers that bloom during two weeks in early July, as well as an estimated 1,500 polar bears." So it is possible polar bears are mentioned somewhere in the fourth Stieg Larsson book; otherwise, the plot is mysterious as ever! [Yahoo via Guardian UK]