Which Post-Twilight Projects Most Shamelessly Jumped on the Vampire Bandwagon?


If you had any doubts that the torrent of vampire mythology currently pouring itself into every possible nook and cranny of pop culture will continue for years to come, the latest boffo box-office numbers from the Twilight franchise — $275 million and counting! — should promptly do away with them. Yet, though piggybacking on a craze is the way Hollywood works, every creator of a new undead TV show or movie magically claims to have been fascinated by vampires loooong before he or she had ever heard of Twilight. It gets hard to tell which ones are the shallow cash grabs and which are passion projects that only coincidentally happen to coincide with a national phenomenon, but we did our best. With our trusty scoring system for shamelessness (1 to 10, of course), we took a look back at every post-Twilight pop-culture vampire we could think of.