Watch Lady Gaga Sex Up the Today Show


Lady Gaga stopped by the Today show this morning (she's in town playing Madison Square Garden, to the delight of her "little monsters"), to perform in its concert series, joining the ranks of such family-friendly artists as James Taylor and Carole King, Rascal Flatts, and — OMG! — Justin Bieber. Gaga's mere presence filled Rockefeller Center with an estimated 18 to 20,000 crazed fans, according to Meredith Vieira, who seemed a bit overwhelmed by the entire spectacle. Gaga did a quick, zoned-out interview with Vieira and Ann Curry, in which she thanked her supporters from gay underground clubs, and then she took to the stage, awesomely, writhing and slinking seductively with her crew of sexy, sweaty dancers.

Gaga delivered a spirited performance — she growled, she mounted the piano, she flashed side-boob, all for the pleasure of the American masses, watching safely from their living rooms, many of whom were doing spit takes from their cups of tepid coffee. She came on at 8:30 a.m., after a segment about budget-friendly family outings, and before a bit about seven tricks to suppress your appetite. It was one of the most entertaining Today shows in memory. Watch the suggestive highlights, below.