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concert mishaps

Watch Pink’s Painful Harness Malfunction

Remember when Pink did that crazy, Cirque du Soleil–esque performance at the Grammys, during which she was lifted, upside-down, in a harness (while singing!) and you couldn't help but think, Dang, that's kind of awesome, but I wonder what would happen if she fell on her head? Well, that question was answered last night during a concert in Germany, in which Pink's harness malfunctioned and she was dragged along the stage. Watch the video for full cringe-inducing effect.

"Oh, fuck that hurt like a motherfucker — sorry for cursing," Pink said after her runaway harness finally came to a stop. The singer was taken to the hospital, where she tweeted updates for her fans. First: "didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade. Getting xrays.I hope it at least looked cool!!!" (Um, sort of cool?) Then: "Ok all my lovers out there- nothings broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore. I made that barricade my b*tch!!!! Thanx nurnberg:(" And finally: "full steam ahead pain, no gain. or is it no brain, no pain? either way, i will be on that stage, even if i have to crawl:)" It's unclear whether Pink will rethink her enthusiasm for dangling in the air, but if not, we wish her safe travels upwards and only the strongest carabiners around. On belay!