Who Is Shonda Rhimes Trying to Get Rid of Now?


Here's a fun blind-item guessing game for you: Which character on a prime-time drama will (possibly) contract HIV this November? EW's Michael Ausiello says producers of a popular show are mulling a story line that would give a lead male character either a brief scare or the virus itself (or maybe they'll wuss out and scrap the whole thing — it's not a done deal yet). It has to be somebody on Grey's Anatomy, right? Because who else but Grey's show-runner Shonda Rhimes would be so cavalier about the fate of one of her characters and about leaking things to her buddy Ausiello? At least we hope it's somebody on Grey's, since this would be an awful way for The Office to get rid of Steve Carell.

Blind Item: Hour drama mulls groundbreaking twist [Ausiello Files/EW]