Will Probably Canceled Damages Still Get Emmy Nods?


Ailing, but well-liked FX series Damages seems to be unofficially canceled, according to various reports. The network has not publicly announced the series' cancellation yet, but the cast and crew have allegedly been notified of the bad news. Now some are wondering if FX is stalling because the network fears a canceled show could be a dud at the July 31 Emmys, where acclaimed star Glenn Close could certainly get a nod even if the show is never to return. Then again, as TV by the Numbers points out, "There are more than a few people who lament that shows like Damages can’t succeed." Indeed: Just last week, one-season fan-favorites Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared found a new home on IFC. So perhaps an officially canceled Damages could still score at the Emmys on a bitter ticket. [TV by the Numbers]