Will You Be Able to Spot the Blow-up Dolls in Salt?


Forget CGI, 3-D, hi-def — in the last few years, Hollywood has adopted another “new” technology: the blow-up doll! Starting in 2003 with Seabiscuit, super-realistic “inflatables” with airbrushed faces have been used in films including The Gridiron Gang, The Changeling, and Cinderella Man, as well as Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" video (despite the dolls' obviously fake/lying hips). They’ll also be in Salt, the upcoming Angelina Jolie action movie, and if you look closely, you may spot them: If any of the extras have a face that “looks as if it were about to blow off,” it's a doll, because “Wind is a big problem on set with inflatables.” And now, we will not be finishing this post with a joke about blow-up dolls and Angelina Jolie. [NYer]