With His First Workout DVD, The Situation Becomes a Brand


Every, uh, smart reality-TV star knows the best way to capitalize on their fame is to branch out and become a multimedia brand, forever embedded in the American marketplace via spinoffs, books, and, yes, workout videos. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino told us he's planning to write a book (which might actually be good) and release a workout DVD, and the latter is actually happening. "He shot the video in New Jersey the other day with GT Media," the Post reports. The "intense total-body workout," obviously, includes a "bonus abs" section. Do people who watch Jersey Shore actually want to look like The Situation? Who knows, but he'd better hope this works out better for him than it did for equally hard-bodied but largely forgotten Real World cast member turned workout video star Eric Nies. [Page Six/NYP]