Zac Efron Continues Career Transformation by Admitting to Strip-Club Visit


Somehow we’ve overlooked this until now, but Zac Efron was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night — the same day the explosive “Zac Efron partied with strippers” story broke — and shamelessly admitted to partying with strippers. On Wednesday we theorized that the whole strip-club visit was a carefully calculated publicity maneuver meant to further Efron’s burgeoning grown-man reputation alongside his weepy new movie Charlie St. Cloud. And after watching Efron be charming while talking about strippers on Kimmel, it’s seeming all the more likely. Here’s Efron, being self-deprecating about his new strip-club habit: “I’m trying to keep it between three or four nights a week.” Also: “I’ve learned a lot about these places, mostly from rap music.” Now does this seem like the kind of guy who can carry a blockbuster, or what? [PopWrap/NYP]