Zach Braff Is Writing a New Movie ‘In the Garden State Oeuvre’


Since Scrubs is finally over, Zach Braff is "in the midst" of writing a new film "in the Garden State oeuvre," he told Time Out. But before that, he's planning to direct the "less personal" Swingles, "a romantic comedy he rewrote about people in their thirties navigating the singles scene." Is this less personal? "Garden State was very personal, and it was more than I want to take on every time. I’m not going to pontificate about the state of twentysomethings or thirtysomethings every time I make a movie." And yet, he also tells the magazine that he's listening to the National: "My girlfriend just got me into [it]." She told him Fake Empire would change his life! [TONY via Playlist]