A Nearly Naked Gaga Redeems Herself at Lollapalooza


Lady Gaga has returned to Lollapalooza, where, as a brunette singing a (pretty good) song called "Dirty Ice Cream," she bombed in 2007. This year, of course, along with the Strokes, the international superstar kicked off Lollapalooza to much fanfare. She announced: "My name is Lady Gaga. I thank you for coming to my show. I didn't used to be brave. In fact I wasn't very brave at all. But you have made me brave, little monsters. So now I'm going to be brave for you. Tonight, I want you to free yourself." Later, of course, she went crowd-surfing wearing basically absolutely nothing. Um, as they say, looking good, naked, is the best revenge. [PopEater, RS]