ABC Picks Up Another Season of Shark Tank


You don't often hear "critically admired" and "reality show" in the same sentence, unless that sentence also includes The Amazing Race, Top Chef, or, more recently, Shark Tank. While Race and Chef are established hits, Tank has struggled to break out with viewers since debuting on ABC last year, leading to much speculation about whether or not ABC would order another season of the show. The good news: It has! The network says it's picked up eight more episodes of the business-themed reality show, in which budding moguls attempt to get real tycoons to give them more seed money. The we're-not-sure-what-to-think-about-it news: Jeff Foxworthy will joined the panel of "sharks" for at least three episodes. Foxworthy, the "You might be a redneck if ... " dude, knows a thing or two about brand-building, and much of what he touches in TV has worked. So, hey: If Foxworthy gets more Americans to check out Shark Tank, then we'll accept a couple of redneck jokes. The series will return sometime next year.