Bachelor Pad’s Homage to Stand by Me: Pie Eating and Puking


Reality shows often traffic in gross-out stunts, the kind of who-can-last-the-longest-in-a-pit-of-spiders showdowns that test the limits of what humans will endure for a lump sum of cash. The Bachelor, though, generally stays away from such tasks (for who wants to see her future husband screaming like a woman as snakes are draped on his body?), instead having prospective mates do adventure-bonding challenges like tight-rope walking or bungee jumping. But, unfortunately, Bachelor Pad, freed of the love-conquers-all mentality of The Bachelor, veered into Jackass territory on last night's episode. You know how when you hear someone puking, it really makes you feel like barfing too? The Bachelor Pad ladies found this out firsthand, in a setup reminiscent of Stand by Me's famous barf-o-rama scene, only with sports bras and bikinis instead of county-fair attire.

The girls were faced with a pie-eating contest; the winner would get a rose and immunity from elimination. Apparently, the pie already tasted "like when you throw up a little bit in your mouth," so it was inevitable that these pretty little women would have to puke up the pie sooner or later. "I don't like it anymore!" said Tenley, mid-bite. (Is it just us, or is Tenley's mental age regressing before our eyes? Each week she sounds and acts about five years younger than the last. She's at about 12, currently.) And then, yes, the vomiting began. Watch the clip below for the full scene. It's pretty painful, though we give the girls credit for being the daintiest pukers we've ever seen: cough, cough, puke a little, burp! ... Repeat!

And here's the scene from Stand by Me. Watch only if you've got a garbage can nearby.