Beastie Boy Fights for Your Right to See Nazi Movie Without a Parent or Guardian


Beastie Boy Adam Yauch is fighting back against the MPAA for giving A Film Unfinished, a documentary compiling footage of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 shot for a German propaganda movie, an R rating that would keep students from seeing the picture. Yauch, whose distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories is releasing the film, has stated in a press release today that he understands why the MPAA would want to keep children from seeing the film's "disturbing images of Holocaust atrocities and graphic nudity," but claims that "they've really gone too far this time." Since the MPAA seldom budges on the "graphic nudity" issue, it seems rather unlikely that Yauch will be successful in overturning the rating. Nevertheless, it's awesome that he's doing what he can to make sure interested kids have access to this important, if horrifying, historical document. [Movieline]