Bon Iver’s New Collaboration Is Great Despite Not Having Anything to Do With Kanye


The last time we checked in with Justin Vernon, the young fellow who records as Bon Iver, it was due to a crazy little rumor that he’d be appearing on the new Kanye West album. The truth behind that rumor, by the way, ended up eclipsing our wildest imaginations. Here’s just a sample of Pitchfork’s interview on the subject: “A-Trak was out there, Nicki Minaj. Just a bunch of uber talented people and everyone was really nice and chill and just working on Kanye's record. I was literally in the back room rolling a spliff with Rick Ross talking about what to do on the next part of a song.” Ahhhh!!! Wait, okay, why are we talking about this? Because Vernon’s latest track is out, and it is a collaboration with Thomas Wincek's All Tiny Creatures (Wincek is also in Collections of Colonies of Bees, the band which Vernon joined for the Volcano Choir project). So put aside for a minute that one day, perhaps in the not too distant future, you’ll be hearing a Ross-‘Ye-Iver song — and then enjoy the excellent “An Iris.”

All Tiny Creatures - “An Iris” (Feat. Justin Vernon)