Chelsea Handler To Host MTV Video Music Awards


The host of E!’s Chelsea Lately will be the first female host of the VMAs since 1994 when Roseanne Barr hosted the event. Handler, known for her penchant for Belvedere vodka, said she feels the gig is a natural fit: “It’s a relaxed show, so people aren’t as uptight… It’s not the Grammys, it’s not as serious as that. It’s an MTV audience so I’m sure some people won’t know who I am. But by the end of the show, I won’t know who anybody is, just like I don’t now.” MTV general manager Stephen Friedman called Handler an “unexpected choice,” but explained “you look at her following from our audience and it makes sense… they’re passionate fans.” Likely to be pleased by the news is Justin Bieber, who has worked his Bieber-y charm on Handler multiple times on her show.

Chelsea Handler Will Host MTV Video Music Awards [Arts Beat/NYT]