Stony Award Nominee John Cusack to Portray Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven


John Cusack announced last night that he'll star in James McTeigue's The Raven, a film not actually based on the famous Poe poem of the same name. Instead, the fictional thriller takes place over the last five days in Poe's life, with a serial killer running around 1849 Baltimore using Poe's stories as inspiration for his murders. Cusack tweeted, "send any poe — gold — my way as i begin this journey into the abyss."

In related news, Cusack, who previously bragged about his Super Bowl–related mushroom trip (pictured), also tweeted, "i ave been nomintated as stoner of the year at the stony awards — for my gripping and tragic portrayal of adam in hot tub tme meachine." The typos were part of his Method acting!

JohnCusack/Twitter [Twitter via HeatVision/HR, Deadline]