Detroit 1-8-7 Producer Would "Love" To Have Eminem On The Show


It's been a while since Eminem did any serious acting (we're not counting his Superman shtick in the "Not Afraid" video). But if the 8 Mile star gets the urge to flex his thespian muscles again, the producers of ABC's no-longer-a-mockumentary drama Detroit 1-8-7 want the Motor City native to know he's got an open invite to appear on their show. "I would love it," exec producer Jason Richman told Vulture earlier today. "He's a great actor, and he'd a good representative for the city." Barring that, Richman says he's already "reached out" to Team Em to see about using some Eminem songs on the show (although, since ABC has given producers only about six seconds for an intro, we're not holding out for an Em-penned theme song). "I'd love for him to be involved in any way possible," Richman says. Clearly Richman's take on Recovery is more in line with the record-buying public than the critics.