Does Anyone in America Care About a Libertines Reunion?


In England they’re adored, but Stateside the Libertines are probably best known as the band Pete Doherty was in before he was famous for some other, less reputable stuff. Well, they officially reunited last night, at London’s HMV Forum, and as the above clip of the gang running through “Don’t Look Back Into the Sun” — which not only features an excellent-seeming light display and a formidable backdrop, but also an adorable let's-both-sing-into-the-same-microphone moment from Doherty and co-front-man Carl Barat — attests, it went well! They’ve got another gig at the same intimate venue tonight before they bring the tour to the big time at this weekend’s Leeds and Reading Festivals. No one in America paid all that much attention when the Libertines put out their two excellent albums in the early part of this decade, but after Doherty’s aforementioned streak of disrepute, maybe they will now? We’re seriously asking.