Dolph Lundgren Would Like to Direct a Period Drama


So how is Dolph Lundgren — the ass-kicking Swede who also won a Fulbright to study at MIT and speaks seven languages — going to follow up on the success of The Expendables? Well, he’s working on some scripts! “One I’m trying to finish up called Skin Trade. It’s about human trafficking,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “Also, I’m trying to do something in Sweden, about Sweden or set in Sweden. Maybe a period piece ... As a director, what is difficult if you do action movies is to make the transition to dramas. One way to do it … is to do a period piece. You have enough guys getting killed, so it’s easy enough to get financed, but you can make it upscale and a drama.” So coming, maybe soon, to a theater near you: a Dolph Lundgren–directed upscale Swedish period drama with enough guys getting killed! [HR]