Edelstein on Eat Pray Love: A ‘Golden Turd’


In Monday's issue of New York, David Edelstein reviews the "golden turd" that is Julia Roberts's Eat Pray Love: "Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee and Nip/Tuck, has an agreeable camp sensibility, but when he sets out to direct a 'woman’s picture' and play it straight, the results are stupefying. He has no clue how to shoot the scenes between his heroine, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the Adonis played by James Franco, who has never shown so little of his puckish intelligence. The Italian abbondanza eating scenes are edited like Riunite commercials, the food so obviously 'styled' that it kills the piggy fun. Try not to hoot when the gaunt Roberts makes a bring-on-the-flab speech to persuade the equally slender Tuva Novotny to eat pizza, even if they get 'muffin tops.'" [NYM]