Edelstein on Scott Pilgrim: ‘Blows [Its] Wad Too Early’


In this week's New York, David Edelstein is nearly charmed by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: "At first the crazy-quilt inventiveness can put you over the moon: Yes, this is how you bring a graphic novel to life onscreen!" And then, not so much: "The film is repetitive, top-heavy: [director Edgar] Wright blows his wad too early. But a different lead might have kept you laughing and engaged. Cera doesn’t come alive in the fight scenes the way Stephen Chow does in the best (and most Tashlin-like) of all the surreal martial-arts comedies, Kung Fu Hustle ... Cera is a superhero for an indecisive generation, which might work if the disjunction were played for satire. But it’s just a disjunction. Scott Pilgrim needs too much help from video games to really save the world." [NYM]