Get Ready: A Madonna–Lady Gaga World Tour Could Be in the Works


Madonna wants Lady Gaga to open for her next year, British papers are reporting today, adding that Madonna is "absolutely obsessed" with Gaga. "She thinks she is the most cutting-edge star to come out of pop in ages and desperately wants to work with her," an anonymous person told News of the World. The sourcing on this story is a little suspect, but it's also very plausible that Madonna would be interested in a moneymaking tour with the young lady who is arguably her protégée. And while the inexhaustible Madge has only just returned from her Sticky 'N' Sweet tour, she's reportedly "locked into another deal with promoters, and plans are in full swing." Lady Gaga, too, would probably welcome this press and fanfare, but would touring with the world's biggest pop star clash with her insistent notion that she's the voice of the disenfranchised? Well, reports say Gaga can "name her price" for a Madonna tour, so maybe she can put that idea aside.

In related news, Iowa State University played "Bad Romance" from its bell tower, letting the song resound around campus, beautifully.

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