Guess Which Rappers Make the Most Money?


Forbes' annual list of hip-hop's top earners over the last twelve months is here, and the top ten goes like this: 10. Kanye ($12 million), 9. Pharrell ($13 million), 8. Timbaland ($14 million), 7. Snoop Dogg ($15 million), 6. Ludacris ($16 million), 5. Dr. Dre ($17 million), 4. Lil Wayne ($20 million), 3. Akon ($21 million), 2. Diddy ($30 million), 1. Jay-Z ($63 milion). Two observations: First, it should be noted boldly that Akon's surprising position can be partially attributed to Lady Gaga, who's signed to his Kon Live imprint; and second, Jay-Z's $63 million tally is bonkers, but Lil Wayne takes the cake by making $20 million dollars over the last year despite being in jail since March. See the rest of the list at Forbes.