Here Is the Jay-Z–Featuring ‘Power’ Remix Kanye Promised


It was supposed to drop last Friday, but we're not complaining, and that's 'cause Kanye didn't just slap a Jay-Z verse onto the original and call it a day. He's tweaked the whole track (with the aid of his buddy Swizz Beats on the boards), switching up the arrangement (the last two minutes is an entirely new beat), subbing out some of the samples (sadly, no more King Crimson), and, best of all, dropping new lines. You'd think anytime Jay-Z rhymes "Taylor Swift" with “Norman Mailer shit” it'd be a wrap for “line of the song,” but 'Ye does a bit of spazzing out here. Herewith, Vulture's official top three favorite Kanye West lines from the “Power (Remix),” in ascending order: “Looking at some photos that I'm looking crazy dope on/hand up, talking shit, yeah I get my Pope on”; “now the question is how we gon' stop the next Vietnam/keep Flex out of Korea, 'cause you know we drop bombs” (complete with Funkmaster Flex classic bomb sound effect); “I'm on my Van Gogh/I don't hear shit.” That last one's not historically accurate, but still awesome!