Hey, It’s Another New Dr. Dre Song!


Dr. Dre tried to distance himself from the lackluster reception for “Under Pressure,” the first confirmed Detox leak, by releasing a statement saying: "The song that's on the internet is an incomplete song that I'm still working on. When it's ready, you'll be hearing it from me.” Well, Dre hasn't yet gotten around to mastering “Pressure” and offering it to the masses, unfortunately, but we're already moving on to new Detox leaks. Earlier today the track “Turn Me On” started popping up online. This one doesn't sound finished either (for one, it's only two minutes long), and there is of course no official word that it's actually for Detox, but that hasn't stopped the speculation. That might be a good thing: Even in its current assumably embryonic form, it's an improvement on “Pressure.” Built on a bouncy, effectively restrained bass line and coupled with some deft turns of phrase (“I mastered levitation, I stay up in the clouds/penthouse, a hundred floors up”), it could certainly work as a mid-album track for Detox. With that said, stay tuned for Dre's latest disavowal.