Idol Producer Lythgoe Still Hung Up On Elton John


All has been relatively quiet on the American Idol judging rumors front as of late, but executive producer Nigel Lythgoe - back on board as executive producer - has reignited talk over who might be taking over for Simon, Ellen and company. Speaking to reporters this weekend, Lythgoe refused to discuss the possibility of J. Lo and Steven Tyler joining the table; he did, however, reveal he is keeping his fingers crossed for Elton John joining the Idol team: “I must say, I really do love Elton John. He’s a huge favorite of mine,” conceding that his packed schedule is “always the problem.” Considering that Elton’s publicist recently said "There's more chance of me fucking you than Elton being on U.S. Idol,” Lythgoe probably should work on moving on.

'Idol' Still Trying To Get Elton John As Judge [Deadline]