If You Don’t Like Piranha 3D, Adam Scott Will Come Over to Your House


Yesterday, Piranha 3D star Adam Scott tweeted a bold guarantee for his new movie: "If you feel ripped off I will come to your house and act out my scenes for you and your friends." Today, Scott explained the stipulations of the offer to Vanity Fair: "Will need local Elisabeth Shue look-alike to run dialogue with, a plaid shirt, two high-fives (one before we run the scenes, one after), peanut M&M’s, a map with the closest Red Roof Inn circled on it (I won’t be staying there, I just like knowing where it is. I’ll be staying with you), a 700-word essay on why you neglected to recognize that Piranha 3D totally f**king shreds, Perrier, a quick guitar lesson, one grenade, dinner with your family, and directions to the airport.” Seeing as Piranha 3D is currently enjoying a ridiculous 82 percent Tomatometer score, Scott shouldn't have to make too many house calls. [Vanity Fair via Movieline]