Kanye Debuts Awesome New Song, Crazy New Opinion


Boom! A few minutes ago, Kanye West debuted a delightfully catchy new Beyoncé-featuring track, "See Me Now" (allegedly completed last night), on Hot 97's "Angie Martinez Show" — and you can already download the thing (we like the lines about Nobu, boat shoes, and Step Brothers). He also gave an interview in which he discussed Taylorgate, his new album's release date (November 16), and a controversial opinion on the current hip-hop hierarchy ("I think the scariest artist in the game right now is definitely Nicki Minaj. And I think she has the potential to be the No. 2 rapper of all time. No. 1 is Eminem"). Enjoy!

"See Me Now" [Nah Right via Sound of the City/VV]