Kanye Talks New Album, Credenzas at Rolling Stone Offices


Continuing his fantastically low-budget promotional tour for his untitled new album, Kanye West stopped by the offices of Rolling Stone on Friday. Just like at Facebook and Twitter, he rapped for RS, but the footage provided shows him amiably chatting with the staff about the things that get him really, really excited (his album, mostly, but, yes, also credenzas), sharing anecdotes about Raphael's fraught working relationship with the Pope, and saying things like, "I forget the word, but there's people throughout history that their responsibility is to be conveyors of truth onto the next generation?" (Later that night, as his Twitter evidenced, Kanye would party with Swedish girls, be turned on to Spotify, and watch Avatar on his thirteen-foot screen. Amazing.) Also, Kanye: If you've really moved on from making impromptu stops at the offices of social-networking companies to making impromptu stops at the offices of magazines, may we humbly suggest this one next? Our conference room is awesome.

Kanye West Makes Surprise Visit to Rolling Stone [RS]