Kanye West Debuts New Verses in a More Traditional Manner


Dutiful readers of Kanye's Twitter know the man was in Singapore this week, where he spent his time pondering if it's "wrong to wear a CHANEL dinner jacket with a T shirt to the airport if it's still breakfast time out here ... uugh TOO LATE!" He also took the opportunity to grace the stage at something called Singfest 2010, and now we have the footage: a spirited run-through of "Power," plus the debut of a lengthy, heavily apologetic stand-alone verse that NahRight is identifying as "Pinocchio Story 2" (the first one was the last track on 808s & Heartbreak). Sample lyric: "and after all the drama / I wonder where I would be if I still had my mama." Also: drum solo!

"Pinocchio Story 2"