Lady Gaga Covers Japanese Vogue in Drag


Gaga — a.k.a. lowly Italian mechanic "Jo Calderone" — covers Japan's Vogue Hommes in short black hair and a grimy T-shirt. In an interview conducted in character, Calderone responds to a question about "his" relationship to Lady Gaga as follows: "I met her at a shoot [photographer] Nick Knight was doing. She's fuckin' beautiful, and funny, and interesting. I was a little nervous for Nick to start shooting. She said, 'Don't be baby, you were "born this way."' I took her out after. The rest is private ;)." So, it's kind of like a high-school sitcom episode where the girl claims to have a boyfriend until the big dance comes up and she has to prove it, at which point hilarity ensues, except here there's no hilarity, only art. See the full cover, which also proclaims Calderone is "too cool to care," in the Lady Gaga Look Book.