Last Night on Late Night: Letterman Celebrates Late Show Anniversary With Leno and Conan Jokes


Last night, David Letterman noted that it was the seventeenth anniversary of The Late Show on CBS, and of course the late-night veteran decided to use the opportunity to poke fun at his favorite target, Jay Leno, while also speaking for Conan O'Brien via his "Top 10 List" segment. Letterman also joked that his kleptomaniac band leader was the real catalyst for leaving NBC all those years ago. Up next, Amy Poehler and the Parks and Recreation "Glee Club" poach some heavy hitters away from their rivals at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Machete star and past Emmy loser Don Johnson tells Jay his reason for hating the Emmys. Wrapping things up on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson laments his failed attempt at growing a vacation beard by utilizing a combination Walt Whitman and pubic hair joke. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.