Live Nation CEO Masters Twitter


As if he weren't busy enough as the CEO of Live Nation Entertainment and the personal manager of superstars like REO Speedwagon and David Archuleta, ever-delightful blowhard Irving Azoff has also joined Twitter. He's only been tweeting for a little over a day, but he's already pretty much mastered the form. He set off a small firestorm with his second-ever dispatch Tuesday night ("so if you want ticket prices to go down stop stealing music") and since he's just telling people where to stick it. Including: AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips (Azoff basically called him a liar), Perez Hilton ("shame on you for your fair weather fandom"), and Billboard columnist Glenn Peoples ("u r a jerk"). When The Wall Street Journal's Ethan Smith contacted the CEO's spokesman for a comment, Azoff tweeted it: "Ethan. Oh clueless Ethan. I'm not angry at all. I think I'm hilarious." We knew we liked this guy.

Irving Azoff [Twitter]
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