Love and Other Drugs Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Try to Redeem the Romantic Comedy


So despite the early murmurs that it might be a contender, the trailer for Love and Other Drugs makes perfectly clear that it is not any kind of Oscar movie — but it still looks pretty good! Today’s second trailer for a romantic comedy that seems like it might actually be intended for adults stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a smooth Viagra drug rep who meets his match in the straight-talking Anne Hathaway, the kind of woman willing to show up at a guy's apartment naked (and who, though the trailer doesn’t belabor it, has some health problems). The two talk, banter, laugh, and kiss in a way that suggests they might actually like each other — crazy stuff! — before heading into slightly more serious territory. There may be people so burned by the atrocities of past rom-coms that they no longer feel anything when Jake Gyllenhaal chases down and boards a Greyhound bus to win back his one true love, but, well, those people have cold, cold hearts and, needless to say, are not us.