M.I.A.’s Latest Botched Performance Totally Not Her Fault


At this weekend's Big Chill Festival in Herefordshire, England, M.I.A. yet again had a performance go wrong (for those keeping count, that follows her overshadowed Creators Project guest spot, her cut-short album-release party, and her horrible-sounding HARD NYC appearance). This time, though, M.I.A. can't really be blamed for it: When she invited some folks up onstage in the middle of her set, as is a time-honored, rules-flouting concert tradition, hundreds reportedly swarmed (NME says 200; Spinner says 500). As you can see in the video above, the active revelers ignored the polite British man's request to get the hell off the stage, and the show was unceremoniously cut off. Clearly, if there is blame to be assigned, it goes out to the security apparatus that was unable to thwart the stampede, and not M.I.A., who was simply doing her part to create a memorable concert-going experience. If anything, this means things are looking up for the embattled pop star: look how many people were excited to get near M.I.A.!