MPAA Upholds Beastie Boy’s Holocaust Doc’s R Rating


Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s appeal of the MPAA’s decision to give an R rating to the Holocaust documentary A Film Unfinished — which is being distributed by Yauch’s distribution company — has failed. The rating was upheld by the ratings board by a 12-3 vote. Yauch expressed his frustration with the decision earlier in the week, arguing the nudity in the film — which compiles footage of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 shot for a German propaganda movie — should have been viewed through a historical and educational lens. "In a world where young people are bombarded with meaningless entertainment, it's unfortunate that a film with real educational and historic value would be denied to them by an organization that is supposed to be working to help them," Yauch said in a statement after the ruling. "I still have hope that the MPAA will reconsider at some point in the future, so young people will be able to learn from this film." [Deadline]