NBC Pulls Jimmy Fallon Mad Men Spoof After Mystery Network Complains


To drum up some buzz for the upcoming Emmy Awards, NBC decided to film three Mad Men-spoofing clips featuring host Jimmy Fallon as Don Draper. The first video, which featured Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris Holloway, aired on Wednesday night and was also released online where, as pretty much anything relating to Hendricks does these days, it spread rapidly. But not everyone was so amused with the short clip. A network with a show that is up against Mad Men for best drama series complained that the ad seemed to show support for the AMC series while the voting window is still open. Consequently, NBC announced today that it will be pulling the videos.

"An NBC source says the video was “run prematurely.” After a THR inquiry, the source says the network will not air any more of Fallon’s Mad Men spoofs until after the voting window closes on Aug. 17."

So now for the fun part: guessing which network complained! The options: HBO (True Blood), Showtime (Dexter), AMC (Breaking Bad, in addition to Mad Men), CBS (The Good Wife) and ABC (Lost).

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