NBC’s Chase Gets T-Bagged


The actor who shanked his way into America's heart as Prison Break's awesomely awful T-Bag is back on the run. Vulture hears that Robert Knepper has just booked a guest turn on Jerry Bruckheimer's new NBC action drama, Chase — and naturally, he'll be a bad guy. Specifically, he'll portray an ex-gangster who tries masquerading as an average Joe for several years, but snaps and starts up a whole new crime spree (this sort of sounds like the Newt Gingrich game plan, no?). Knepper, who followed up Prison Break with a season of NBC's Heroes, pops up in the fifth episode of Chase, which will air Mondays at 10 starting September 20. Perhaps Knepper's return will inspire a whole new round of YouTube tribute videos from folks with deep, mildly disturbing prison-romance fantasies.