Oh, Look, It’s a Trailer for a 9/11 Musical


CLEAR BLUE TUESDAY trailer from Elizabeth Lucas on Vimeo.

Okay. So, here is the trailer for 9/11: The Musical, which is actually titled Clear Blue Tuesday but might as well be called Clear Blue B-A-N-A-N-A-S This Is a Real Movie That Will Play In a Movie Theater, or something equally ungainly, because no one is going to call it Clear Blue Tuesday; they are just going to call it the “9/11 Musical.” Anyway. It exists. And, in doing so, basically redefines words ranging from “seriously” to “no, really” to “Rent actually set the bar very high” to “love means telling your friends, ‘No, that is a bad idea.’” The musical does not portray the event itself — in the trailer, it is just represented by a really pronounced splat!-goes-the-airplane sound effect — but follows the lives of eleven New Yorkers on the anniversaries of 9/11. One of these New Yorkers looks like a washed-up Constantine Maruolis, one of them participates in a fantasy dance sequence with a man in a space helmet that looks like a doody bubble, another “kissed a boy,” and they all sing while being captured on video stock that makes them look like they’re on an episode of MTV’s Undressed. This movie is opening at the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village on Friday. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, because we’re continuing, despite the above paragraph, to have some difficulties processing the fact of this film’s existence. Needless to say, in this particular instance, seeing is not believing. [NYT via The Awl]