Parks and Recreation Season Three: Yes to Megan Mullally, No to D.J. Roomba


Alan Sepinwall has a new interview with Parks and Recreation show-runner Michael Schur up today, and we learn a few minor details about the upcoming season: Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman's real life significant other, will be back for an episode called "Ron & Tammy Part II"; D.J. Roomba, the D.J. that is also a floor-cleaning robot, will not; in one episode everyone gets the flu and Ron and Andy bond; Adam Scott gets to do a lot more "extremely broad goofy comedy"; and Leslie Knope finagles her way into an as-of-now-secret project that will get the team back together despite the government being shut down. Just a few things to think about while you're watching Outsourced. [HitFix]