Party Lines Slideshow: Amir Bar-Lev, Josh Brolin, Kerry Washington, and More at The Tillman Story Premiere


At this week's premiere of The Tillman Story — a documentary on NFL player turned soldier Pat Tillman and his family's quest to find out the truth about his death in Afghanistan — director Amir Bar-Lev spoke about being ignored by the U.S. military. "We made very strong overtures to General McChrystal and ... there is only one person in the military leadership who would speak with us and that was General Philip Kensinger — the guy who retired, the guy they scapegoated. I can’t speak as to why General McChrystal wouldn’t speak to us. But I will say that he ought to be a real man and admit that he was part of a cover-up and that he helped perpetrate a cover-up, and give a genuine apology to the Tillmans." For more frank talk from famous people, click through our Party Lines slideshow.